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The Customer Success Platform To Grow Your Business

We all know it... 

Exchanges and wallets are too complex for everyday consumers. Without an easy and fun way for people to access cryptocurrency, it will never be adopted on a massive scale.

That's why we've created the Acre Enterprise Platform to help bring your project to the masses.

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Regular Consumers, not crypto day traders

At Acre, we believe access to cryptocurrency should be democratized! We're on a mission to educate people about cryptocurrency and mobilize them to micro-invest in a safe, easy and fun way. Did you know that over 50% of Acre users are entirely new to crypto?

Recurring Buys for the HODL

This is a "step one" introduction to cryptocurrency for many of our users. Thus, your coin's presence on the Acre app represents an unparalleled opportunity to reach a new, untapped market interested in holding crypto for the long haul. 82% of Acre users have a recurring buy activated. 

Case Study

"Neblio's blockchain platform, tools, and services drastically simplify blockchain technology for enterprises and businesses looking to adopt next-generation blockchain solutions. We are very excited to be partnered with Acre as they work to make buying cryptocurrency fast, simple and automatic and look forward to new users discovering Neblio via their platform.

2 Solutions, 1 Market

Coin Partnership

If your project is chosen as a Acre Coin partner, we commit to telling your story - what makes your coin or token unique, credible, and share-worthy. We develop deep and lasting relationships with our partner projects for mutual benefit.

We add a limited number of coins to the Acre app at select time intervals. To be competitive as a coin partner, please review our Digital Asset Framework. These are the criteria we use to evaluate your project for consideration.

Featured Clients

Once you're ready, hit Apply and we'll reach out to start a conversation about being listed on Acre.

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Enterprise Solution

Buy Now

We want every solid coin project to have the opportunity to reach new audiences. 


The Acre Enterprise Solution offers a crazy-easy way for new people to get access to your coin or token. Imagine an "easy button" placed on your project's website that allows people to buy your coin in a few clicks. No wallets or confusing exchange websites to navigate, just a simple "check-out" experience. 

Contact us today to explore this option for your project.

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