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The simplest way to invest your spare change

Anyone can grow wealth.




The simplest crypto investing app, period. 


Whether it's your first time or your 500th, investing in crypto with Acre is the downright easiest way to go about it.  

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Micro-invest for the win. 


Round up your everyday purchases or simply setup a recurring deposit. Acre lets you invest automatically without thinking about it. 

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Easily invest in

alt. coins


Learn about and invest in alt. coins using Acre and forget about the hassle of moving coins across exchanges or wallets. 

Seriously secure.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are available on our secure, trusted investment platform. We use next-generation security measures to protect your personal information and your assets.

All of your data is protected with 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit and never stored on any of your personal devices.

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Acre; Precious Metals

coming soon.


Where is Acre Available?


Starting December 11th 2018, Acre will be available across the U.S.

(with the exception of NY, WA, OR and CT) 

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Follow us on social channels to get updates on new states and territories where Acre will be available.


"[Acre's] app is aimed at solving problems around access and transparency associated with buying cryptocurrencies...which have become a hot (and sometimes cold) commodity as people seek to replace cash in the digital era."

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