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A Golden Opportunity

The easiest way to buy, sell, track and store gold.


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Roundup into



Why save into dollars you will simply transfer back to your checking and spend? Let's get you saving into engaging assets you'll treasure. 

Buy Fractional


With Acre's new precious metal platform, you no longer need to buy specific weights of gold. You can stash $5 here or $10 there and it all goes into your gold holdings. Plus, it's backed by physical gold in a secure vault facility.

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Get Gold shipped directly to your house!


In an industry first, Acre's savings app will discreetly ship gold directly to your house. 

5% of revenue for charity. 

Yes, you read that right!

Every Acre member gets to vote on which charities receive 5% of our quarterly revenue because it's the right thing to do.


Given back to good.

Where is Acre Available?


Acre is now available across the U.S.

(with the exception of NY, WA, OR and CT) 

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Follow us on social channels to get updates on new states and territories where Acre will be available.

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